Getting Distracted



I try to write every day.  I feel good if I write every day.  Often I set out to write, and I get distracted.

I am distracted now, occasionally watching a spider try to capture the fly of my pants.

Here are some other things that distract me:

Alien Abductions

The abductions are not so bad.  It is the anal probes the aliens perform every time they abduct me.
“Why do you give me so many anal probes?” I asked an alien.
The alien replied, “We keep trying to get better-than-crappy results.”


The Internet

I always fool myself when going online.  I always think, “I’ll just go on for a few minutes.”  A few minutes becomes a few hours.
If I keep spending so much time online, then by law, I must change the address on my driver’s license to an IP Address.



I love to doodle.  I doodle as a warm-up exercise for writing.  But often, I get so carried away with doodling that I make deep-dish pizza.
“Uh?  That does not make sense.  How can you make deep-dish pizza from doodling?”
I don’t know.  The anal probes are messing up my logic.

Oh no!  It looks like I have to buy another pair of pants.

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