On Having A Shower


I love having a shower!
I love having a shower!
I love having a shower!
Did I mention that I love having a shower?

I stand there under the showerhead while the hot water bounces off my body.  In that instant, I am back in the womb without a care in the world.  All my worries washed away.

I could stay in the womb forever, but the income-tax people want me to be born and live a long working life.   For this reason, I finish my hot showers with cold ones.  A cold shower prepares me to be born into the often-cold world.  A cold shower also strengthens my immune system and energizes me.  I do not like having cold showers, but I know that they are good for me.

Every day, hot and cold showers help me to be born again and again and again, forever and ever, Amen.






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I am Minnie and Chic's son.