Fun With Junk Mail


I used to hate receiving junk mail.  I do not know why.  All I had to do was throw it out, but I got angry over getting junk mail.  And then, one day, I decided to have fun using the junk mail.  From that time, I looked forward to receiving it.

Most of the junk mail came with postage-paid envelopes.  I used a red marker to write, NO, THANK YOU almost covering the whole page of the junk-mail letter.  Then I stuffed it and all papers that came with the junk mail, including the envelope, into the postage-paid envelope and mailed it.

What a fun way to get rid of junk mail!  No need to have it taking up space in my garbage.


Recently, an application for a Capital One Mastercard appeared in my mailbox.  After what my ancestors went through on the plantations, I did not want to be involved with anything with the word “master” in it.

I did not open the envelope.  It was not addressed to me.  It was not addressed to anyone.  I took a red marker and wrote MOVED and mailed it.  I hope this does not confuse the people at the post office.






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