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Oh no!  SmartStop Storage is serving me better again.  That means a rate change, and it never goes down.  In 2013, I was paying just over $200.00 per month for my 10ft X 20ft unit.  It will be just over $500.00 per month for the same unit as of May of this year.

My last rate increase was about a year ago, but most years they raised the rent after six months, five months, and three months.

I wish SmartStop Storage would cut the crap with the rate-change letters they send:

Dear Johnston, Gary,

Thank you for choosing SmartStop Dufferin St, Toronto, Ontario.  We appreciate your business and are happy that we can continue to satisfy your storage needs.  We pride ourselves on providing you with a professional and convenient storage solution.

In order to maintain our high standards and provide you with the customer service you deserve, we find it necessary to increase your monthly rate effective May 1, 2021 . . . 

If SmartStop Storage were honest, then they would send the following:

Dear Johnston, Gary,

Your monthly rate is going up on May 1st.  Our goal is to make as much money as possible—and then some.  Making huge profits is good for us and good for our shareholders.  The only way we can make huge profits is by overcharging our customers as much as possible.

A letter like this would not bother me because it is the truth.  I prefer the truth rather than SmartStop Storage telling me how much they enjoy me renting a locker from them, and how they are raising the rent for my benefit. 

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