What Lockdown?

Late afternoon on Saturday, April 10th.  It is Day 3 of Ontario’s Stay-At-Home lockdown.  The people in Christie Pitts are not worried about a killer virus and its variants lurking about.

These people are not buying Big Brother’s version of Reality.  They are the minority of free thinkers.  They have not allowed Big Brother’s fear-mongering to stop them from thinking rationally.  Thinking rationally is rare amongst human beings.

Of course, Big Brother will blame these free thinkers for the rising Covid-19 case numbers.  It is all their fault that the case numbers are high and hospital emergency departments are overrun.  Covid-19 would go away if everyone conformed and did what Big Brother tells them.

Big Brother would never blame the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for the high case count.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) admits that the PCR tests are faulty.  That means that the case numbers are high, but not accurate.  If Big Brother allowed that truth, then he could not maximize the use of fear.  How can he manipulate people if they are not afraid?

The people in Christie Pitts did not appear to be afraid.  Good for them!



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