The Insanity of Wonderland

The Insanity of Wonderland is alive and well in Ontario, Canada.  The Government of Ontario gave the Insanity of Wonderland life when declaring a Stay-At-Home Lockdown, and closing stores except for those selling essential items.  Other stores, that are allowed to be open, can sell only essential items.  Nonessential items cannot be sold.

I bought a sketchbook for Little Gary at Dollarama at Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto.  I wanted to buy him coloured markers for his sketchbook, but they were nonessential.  I could not buy them—at least at the Dollarama.

(Note the reflection of Dollarama in the window)

On the south side of Bloor Street, opposite the Dollarama, is Midoco Art & Office Supplies.  Through curbside pickup, I could buy the same coloured markers that I could not buy off the shelf at Dollarama.

There were several other items I could not buy at Dollarama, because these items were nonessential, but I was able to buy them at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor down the street from the Dollarama.

What are essential items you can buy?  What are nonessential items you cannot buy?  The answers depend upon which store you are in.

How are the Government of Ontario’s lockdown regulations, regarding the sale of essential items, stopping the spread of Covid-19 and making Ontario safer?  I will ask Alice the next time I see her.

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