How I Like to Spend My Days

“How do you like to spend a lazy day?” a friend asked.

I replied, “The question should be, ‘How do you like to spend a day?’  There are no lazy days for me, but my days will seem lazy to others.”

I love spontaneity!  I especially love spontaneity when it comes to planning my days.  To allow for this, I have wispy plans for each day.  These wispy plans are subject to mood swings, or the wind’s direction, or the number of clouds in the sky, or how much money I have to spend, and unexpected suggestions from the voices in my head.  My wispy plans may change because of all of the above or some thereof.  Who knows?  Who cares?  The point is I love spontaneity when it comes to planning my days.

I never get bored.  Most of my wispy plans involve me climbing inside my head while the rest of the world turns.  Reading, writing, drawing, coloring, doodling, making stuff from other stuff—all are play for me.  And sometimes, I love to sit and stare off into space.

Anyone watching me would think that I am doing nothing.  They would dismiss my activities as trivial.  This was a problem when I was married.  My ex-wife always wanted something done.  There was always some chore of earth-shattering importance that she wanted to be done.  There was never any time for me to sit and stare.

As one of them there creative types, I am working when I am playing, and playing when I am working.  I do not need a vacation.  I spend my days having fun.  Of course, many see me as having “lazy” days.

I used to get upset when people accused me of doing nothing and having lazy days.  Not anymore.  You cannot expect drunk people to act sober; you cannot expect philistines to understand.

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.