How To Make Love To A Negro . . .


. . . Without Getting Tired is a novel by Dany Laferrière.  I never read this book, but used it numerous times for practical jokes at the library.

In the old days, when you could enter the library without a diaper on your face, and you did not have to worry about social distancing and hand sanitizer—Remember the old days?—I used the library’s catalog computer to reserve books and computers.  Many times the person, who had used the computer before me, forgot to log off from his or her library account.

Oh, happy day!

I would use their account to reserve How To Make Love To A Negro Without Getting Tired.  At some point, the library would notify the person that this book was ready to be picked up.

I have only one regret in playing this prank:  I regret that I was not present when the victim of my prank went to the library to pick up his or her reserved book.

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