How To Overcome A Creative Block

Here are some ways to overcome a creative block:


Say a Prayer of Gratitude with a politically correct ending.

Our Father,
Who art in Heaven,
Thank you for all the things
That happened in my life—even the good things.


Paint a self-portrait.

(Here is my self-portrait. I painted it during a power failure.)


(Masturbating will not overcome the creative block, but you will feel good.)


Pollinate flowers.
(You may not do it as well as the bees, but the flowers will not complain.)


Take a hot bath.
(The only problem is where do you take it, and what happens to it after you leave it?  Also, will anyone notice that a hot bath is missing?).


Jump off a cliff.
(If you survive, then creative blocks will not be your worst problem.)


Wander through your neighborhood searching through garbage cans.  You may feel inspired by the odors.  The smell from my neighbor’s garbage inspired this blog.

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