A Great Niece’s Memory

Frank Wright performing at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival in 2017 (Photo credit Mark Miller)

Here is what Emily Johnston posted on Facebook:

It feels like only yesterday I walked up to my Great Uncle to pay him my respect and condolences as we grieved the loss of his wife, my Great Aunt Marie. I watched as my 88 year old Uncle Frank stood staring at the casket shaking his head saying, “It just all went by so fast. It goes by so fast.”

Hearing life comes at you fast wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before but there was something that struck me about hearing it in this context. The image of Uncle Frank staring and shaking his head while reflecting on his lifetime with his wife is something I’ll never forget.

In that moment he unknowingly amplified for me the importance of cherishing the time we have with our loved ones, because all too quickly that time turns into memories. I will keep that reminder from him close to my heart, always.

RIP Uncle Frank ❤️


Frank Wright, on New Year’s Eve, 2008 (Photo credit Don Vickery)

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