That Does Not Work

A vaccine provides immunity.  If a vaccine does not provide immunity, then it is not a vaccine.

The Covid-19 vaccines do not provide immunity.   They are not vaccines.  However, the drug companies, politicians, health experts, the media, and even the spider living in my bathroom call the Covid-19 concoctions vaccines.

To prevent being brainwashed into thinking that these concoctions are vaccines, I add the words “that does not work” when I hear anyone calling a Covid-19 concoction a vaccine.

How do we know that the Covid-19 vaccines do not work?  The Authorities said so when they rolled out the vaccines.  They said, “These vaccines will not stop you from getting the virus, or stop you from transmitting the virus if you get it.  The vaccines will lessen the symptoms if you get the virus.”

My Uncle Frank got the vaccine that does not work.  And then he got Covid-19.  And then he ended up in the hospital because his symptoms got worse.  And then he died.

How come the vaccine did not lessen Uncle Frank’s symptoms?  How did the benefits outweigh the risks?

My family got the jabs from the vaccines that do not work.  Two family members have told me that I will not be welcome at family functions if I am not vaccinated—with the vaccine that does not work.

“You’re gonna kill people by not getting vaccinated!  You’re gonna get Covid and spread it,” said a family member.

“But if I get vaccinated,” I said, “I can still get Covid and spread it.”

After a pause, he said, “That’s true, but you’re still not welcome at my house unless you’ve been vaccinated.”

My family and other people are not bothered that the Covid-19 vaccines have not been properly tested.  My family and other people are not concerned that The Authorities cannot guarantee that these vaccines are safe because no one knows the long-term effects.  My family and other people forget that the Covid-19 vaccines do not work.

What flavor is the Kool-Aid that my family and other people are drinking?

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