A Keyboard Stand

I love having things that are different—things that no one else has.

I wanted a keyboard stand.  The back flip-down legs did not prop my keyboard up far enough.  I could have bought the above acrylic stand for $25.00, but I would not have something unique.  A voice in my head said, “Why not make one?”

And so I did.  I used water bottles, junk mail, a cardboard envelope, elastic bands, duct tape, and packing tape.  I went into a trance and did not think.  The information on what to do came to me without any effort.

BOTTOM VIEW – Base made from junk mail with elastic bands to prevent slipping


TOP VIEW – Cardboard envelope attached to water bottles with black duct tape.


TOP VIEW – Holding the keyboard.

I am not aware of being in a creative trance until I come out of it.  I do not have to perform any rituals to go into a trance.  It happens as soon as I handle whatever I am working with to make whatever I am making.

I am possessed.  I act without thinking.  I am in The Zone.  I am channeling Creativity itself.  Oh, what a feeling!  And I only become aware of this great feeling once the trance ends.

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.