Methinks . . .

Mehopes that what methinks is wrong.

Today, June 21st, the United Kingdom (UK) was supposed to end its Covid-19 restrictions.  Everyone in the UK was looking forward to it.  But Boris Johnson extended the lockdown until July 19th because of the “Delta Variant.”

Methinks Premier Doug Ford will extend Ontario’s lockdown and Covid restrictions because of the “Delta Variant.”  The medical experts say the “Delta Variant” is more deadly and contagious than Covid-19.  Surprise surprise.

Does Premier Ford know something?  His emergency powers were supposed to end in July.  About a month ago, he extended them until December 2021.  More than a month ago, they canceled summer events such as Caribana and the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).  Caribana happens at the beginning of August, and the CNE happens at the end of August.

How do they know that there will be a need to cancel events so far in advance?  Why would Doug Ford extend his emergency powers when Ontario was supposed to end its covid restrictions?  Is there a reason some call this a Plandemic?

Methinks they never want to end the lockdowns.  The pattern is the same: they promise to end the lockdown and restrictions on a certain date.  We get our hopes up. Then, as the date approaches, they extend the lockdown and keep the restrictions because of a new threat.

“We just need two weeks, folks, two weeks.  We need two weeks to flatten the curve.”

They said that over 15 months ago.

Will the lockdowns and restrictions ever end?  Will we have a normal Thanksgiving and Christmas this year?

Methinks not.  Mehopes that what methinks is wrong.

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