A KAD Takes Offense

A Kool-Aid Drinker (KAD) took offense to yesterday’s blog.

“We’re not stupid,” said the KAD.

“You’re right,” I said.  “I am sorry I implied that.  I realize that it is not stupidity, but fear.  You are so fearful that you are willing to take a vaccine that does not work.”

“That’s just your opinion,” said the KAD.  “I am not afraid.”

“It may be my opinion about your fear, but the drug companies admit that the vaccines do not stop you from getting Covid-19.”

“So?  No vaccine is perfect.”

“Who said that?”

“I heard a doctor say that on television.”

“If you heard it on television, then it must be true.  Did you hear on tv that the Canadian government signed a contract with the drug companies giving the companies immunity?  No one can sue a drug company because of a vaccine injury.”

“No, I did not hear that.”

“Since the drug companies cannot be sued, the government launched a vaccine injury program. Canadian taxpayers will pay compensation to victims of vaccine injuries.  The drug companies insist that their vaccines are safe, but they will not accept any liability for injuries their vaccines may cause.”

“I don’t believe that.  I believe the drug companies can be sued.  That’s just your opinion.”

“Okay,” I said to the KAD, “whatever you say.”



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