The Right Place To Go


The older I get, the more my bladder and bowels make going to the bathroom a full-time job.  How pleasurable the relief when I finally get to go after a long period of having no place to go.  This is why a dog’s habits puzzle me.

A dog is inside all day.  Its owner comes home and takes the dog out for a walk.  The dog’s guts have to be bursting with stuff that needs to come out.  Yet the dog sniffs here.  The dog sniffs there.  The dog sniffs here, there, and everywhere.  How badly does the dog have to go if it takes its time finding the right place to go?

Imagine this:  Your bladder is full.  It’s close to bursting.  You have not been able to go because you are not near a place to go.  Finally—FINALLY!—you have an opportunity to relieve yourself.  Are you going to sniff and say, “No, I can’t go here because this place does not smell right.”?

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.