Thank You, Netflix!

Is there an escape from death?  No.

Is there an escape from taxes?  Yes, but it is illegal.  But I was not paying any sales tax on the Basic Netflix monthly fee.  It was not illegal.  There was a loophole allowing Netflix not to charge sales tax.  How nice to pay for something and not pay any extra for taxes.

Alas, the government plugged the loophole.  In the Spring, Netflix sent out emails advising its customers that they would start charging sales tax as of July 1st.

Today, I went into my Netflix account to add more money.  I noticed that my monthly fee had not changed after July 1st.  When I checked further, Netflix had lowered the Basic Fee so that the added sales tax kept the monthly fee the same.  In other words, Netflix ate the sales tax!  I was still paying the sales tax, but it made no difference to my monthly fee.

What a wonderful thing for Netflix to do!  I was ecstatic.  I called Netflix’s customer service to thank them.  The customer service representative asked me several times what my problem was and how she could help me.  I assume she is not used to customers calling to say, “Thank you!”

I am still paying the sales tax, but it does not seem so because the sales tax is part of the monthly fee.

I want to shout out to the world what a wonderful thing Netflix did.  I hope Netflix makes billions and billions of dollars in profits.

Thank you, Netflix, thank you!

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