My Lucky Day

A leaking banana

I spilled water in bed this morning.  I always have a drink of water first thing in the morning.  I reached for a bottle of water, and then I am not sure what happened next.  I opened it and dropped it.  My bedding got wet.  I gave thanks that it was not pee.

How did I drop the bottle of water?  I think somehow my fingers got caught in my hair even though I am bald.  And then the Earth tilted 45 degrees.  Who knows?

I got up to have a banana from a bunch hanging on a hook.  I saw that a bruised banana at the back of the bunch was leaking through its split peel.  The area below the bunch was covered with gooey liquid banana.

In all my years on this planet, I have never had a bruised banana leak after its peel split while it was hanging with a bunch of bananas.  I likely bruised the banana while carrying the bunch home since there was nothing to bruise it while it was hanging on a hook.

I turned on a desk fan after cleaning up the mess from the leaking banana.  The fan was on top of a pile of books.  The fan fell off the books and knocked over a desk organizer containing colored pencils, pencils, and pens.  I don’t know how the fan fell off the books.  I wasn’t touching my bald head, and the fan has been on top of the books for ages.  Did an ant stomp its feet somewhere on the planet?

I picked up the pencils and pens.  And then I needed to use the stapler.  When I did, the stapler jammed.  I had fun for a little while trying to clear the jam.

It was time to get washed and dressed.  I nicked myself while shaving.  And while brushing my teeth, I knocked over the cup of water I use to rinse my mouth.

I made a mental note to buy a lottery ticket since I was having such a lucky day.  But I just realized now that I forgot to buy a ticket.

They say you can’t win the lottery if you don’t have a ticket.  I say, “You can’t lose the lottery if you don’t have a ticket.”

On my lucky day, I did not lose the lottery.  Also, I saved myself a couple of bucks by not buying a ticket.

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