An Emotional Poop

My daughter gives me homework via StoryWorth.  Once a week, she sends me questions.  StoryWorth will publish my written responses in a book.  The book will be for my daughter and her children and her children’s children, etc.

The questions deal with my feelings and things that happened during my youth.  The questions cause me to dig deep into emotional issues I thought I had resolved.  Obviously not.  Often, I cry while answering her questions.  I am not as clear emotionally as I thought I was.

Recently, my daughter asked about the pets I had when I was young.  This brought back memories of Suzi.  Suzi was my dog.  After over 40 years, I  still miss her and cry.

We had two dogs before Suzi.   One of them did not live long enough to like or hate me.  She was hit by a car.  The other one, Cookie, did not like me from the very first day we got her.   I never did anything to her.  She would growl at me if I tried to pet her.  Suzi liked me from the beginning, and she liked bananas.  Suzi was my dog.

I told my daughter how answering her questions was making me cry.

“You’re having an emotional poop, Dad,” she said.

I had never heard that expression before, but I knew what she meant.  I guess I am full of emotional poop.

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