Who Will Be Number Three?


They say that death happens in threes.

From his hospital bed, Hans, a longtime friend, told his wife, an even longer-time friend, “I am going to leave you today.”  He said this on July 12th.

Hans had been sick with various health issues for several years.  He was in and out of the hospital, but recently he was more in than out.

Perhaps the Grim Reaper was supposed to come for Hans on July 12th, but got caught in traffic.  Hans left with the GR on July 13th.

“Hans is my Number One,” I thought upon hearing about his death.  “Who will be my Number Two?”

Ben, a guy I used to work with, went out to cut his grass on July 28th.  The Grim Reaper did not allow Ben to finish.  They found Ben face down on the ground.  He had suffered a heart attack.

So, who will be my Number Three?  Who is the Grim Reaper coming for next?  Me?  If I am Number Three, it will be more than a few weeks before I write another blog.

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