It Does Not Make Sense



“They call it a pandemic.  To date, COVID-19 has killed 4,463,639 people of a world population of 7,800,000,000 (population count as of March 2020).  That is 0.00006 % of the world’s population.

 “In Canada, COVID-19 has killed 26,814 people of a population of 38,590,000 (population as of 2019).  That is 0.0007% of Canada’s population.

“In the Province of Ontario, COVID-19 has killed 9,463 people of a population of 14,789,778 (as of April 2021).  That is 0.0006% of Ontario’s population.

“Are we beginning to see a pattern?  No matter which country you compare the number of COVID-19 deaths with the total population, you will see that COVID-19 has killed way less than 1 percent of the population. Way less.”

“SHHHHHHH!  You will destroy the fear The Authorities have put so much effort into spreading.”



“I’m not wearing my mask to protect me.  I’m wearing my mask to protect you.”
“I’m not wearing my bike helmet to protect me.  I’m wearing my bike helmet to protect you.”
“I’m not wearing my jockstrap to protect me.  I’m wearing my jockstrap to protect you.”


“How did it happen?”
“How did what happen?”
“I am fully vaccinated.  I double mask; I constantly wash my hands and use a hand sanitizer; and, I social distance.  I still got COVID-19.  How did that happen?”
“You got COVID-19 because there were three clouds in the sky when two birds flew by.”
“Uh?  That does not make sense.”
Everything involving COVID-19 does not make sense.”


“Did you hear that?  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has APPROVED the Pfizer vaccine.  The FDA is expected to APPROVE the other vaccines in a few weeks.”
“What changed?  Did the vaccines go through the testing they skipped because they were AUTHORIZED FOR EMERGENCY USE?”
“We don’t know.  And there is still no long-term data on the vaccines.  Long-term data is necessary for a drug to receive APPROVAL from the FDA, and drugs have to go through years of testing to obtain that long-term data.  How these vaccines are being APPROVED does not make sense.”
“Do you think the drug companies bribed the FDA?”
“Certainly not!  Both the multi-billion-dollar drug companies and the FDA are honest and highly ethical.  How dare you suggest that a bribe took place!”


And now to end with a Tweet posted by Randy Hillier:

Posted by Randi Hillier @randyhillier on Twitter on Monday, August 23, 2021.

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