A Better Class of COVID

The constant bombardment of fear and disinformation from The Authorities reduces the reasoning abilities of the Kool-Aid Drinkers (KADs).  Actually, disinformation is too kind a word.  Lies is a better word.

Fear and lies and more fear and lies and still more fear and lies are what The Authorities use for control.  People familiar with propaganda techniques easily see what The Authorities are doing.  But the KADs are terrified and cannot be rational.  They will quickly attack anyone who threatens the safety and security The Authorities offer in exchange for obedience.   How does one threaten this safety and security?  By questioning the official narrative.

Thus, there is no reasoning with KADs.  They are too afraid, but will never admit it.

The so-called Pandemic, COVID-19, has killed less than half of a percent of the world’s population.  The numbers prove that COVID-19 is not as bad as The Authorities say.  (4.45 million deaths in a world of 7.8 billion people = 0.0006 %)

(Just as The Authorities have changed the meaning of vaccine, so they have changed the meaning of pandemic.  A vaccine is still a vaccine even when it does not cause immunization.  A pandemic is when more than three people get a disease in the same country.)

Using the numbers, I tried to show a KAD that The Authorities are exaggerating the danger.

“That’s just your opinion,” said the KAD.

“The numbers,” I said, “are not my opinion.  I did not make them up.  You can check them out yourself.”

“I don’t need to check it out.  It’s just a stupid conspiracy theory.”

Obviously, his brain never dried after The Authorities washed it.

Several KADs, family and friends, told me that I am not welcome near them because I am not vaccinated (with a vaccine that does not work.)  I reminded them that the vaccine does prevent any vaccinated person from getting and spreading the virus.

“So?” said a KAD. “I’d rather get the virus from a vaccinated person than an unvaccinated person.”

There you have it.  Vaccinated people spread a better class of COVID than unvaccinated people, and are the preferred infection choice.

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