My Number Three

Back on August 6th, I wondered who was going to be my Number Three.  Hans died on July 13th.  Ben died on July 28th.  If death happens in threes, then who was next?  A week ago, I found out.  Dieter (pronounced Deeter) died on August 13th, one month after Hans.

I used to work with Dieter, but I had not seen him in years.  Dieter was a conscientious worker.  He had a sense of humor, but he took a lot of things seriously.  Consequently, he was the victim of a lot of practical jokes.   I do not remember any jokes in particular, but someone was always playing a joke on Dieter.

Although Dieter died at his home on August 13th, he lived alone after his wife’s death.  His death was not discovered right away.  This explains why we heard about it on August 28th.

Three deaths within a month?  That supports the myth of death happening in threes.

I say “myth” because it is a coincidence when it happens.  I have witnessed more than three deaths of family and friends happening within a month.  I have also had two deaths happening within a month and the third death a year later.  Death does what it wants whenever it wants.  It does not care about collecting people in threes within a short time.

Knowing this does not stop me from thinking, after hearing about a death, “Who is going to be Number Two?  Who is going to be Number Three?”

I hope it is a weekend when Death comes for me.  That way, I will not have to worry about going to work on Monday, and I will be on vacation for Eternity.


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