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The COVID vaccines do not work.  Vaccinated people can still get and spread the virus.  So, let us make vaccines mandatory and bring in vaccine passports to stop the spread of the virus by vaccinating people with a vaccine that does not work, and does not stop the spread of the virus.  That way, everyone is safe.


The Canadian government insists that the vaccines are safe, but it has set aside 75 million dollars “to pay for your funeral in case you die after getting the vaccine.”


How come Dr. Theresa Tam is not running for re-election?

Dr. Tam says that Canada could see 15,000 cases daily by October if vaccinations do not increase.

In other words, if more people do not get vaccinated with a vaccine that does not work and does not stop the spread of the virus, then the virus will spread.

What is Dr. Tam’s advice on how to stop the spreading of fear?


A variation of a repeated theme:

“Wait!  You can’t come in here unless you’ve been vaccinated.”
“You mean with the vaccine that still allows you to get and spread the virus?”
“Yes, the one that does not work.”
“I’ve had both jabs.”
“Good.  You’re safe to enter.”


“How many jabs does it take to stop the virus?”
“How many?”
“No one knows.”


Would COVID vaccines work if these vaccines were vaccinated?


“Why did COVID-19 cross the road?”
“I dunno.”
“So it could infect the vaccinated people on the other side.”


“Did you know that COVID-19 can count?”
“Yes.  COVID-19 knows when you are around more than six people.  If you are, then COVID-19 will come out and infect everyone.  But if you are around less than six people, then COVID-19 leaves everyone alone.”


“Did you know that we cannot sue the drug companies for any vaccine injuries?”
“No, I did not know that.”
“We, Canadian taxpayers, will pay the compensation to people injured by the drug companies’ mistakes.”
“So?  What’s wrong with that?  That’s how it should be.”


“Did I mention that the vaccine does not work and does not stop the spread of the virus?”
“No, I don’t think you did.”

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