Uninvited again.  I was invited to a social function, but the host just called to uninvite me.  The other guests do not feel safe because I am not vaccinated.

This has happened several times.  I get invited to something, and then I get uninvited once the host finds out I am not vaccinated.

I do not mind when I am uninvited.  I do not want to be around people who feel unsafe around me.  They will blame me if they get sick even though I have nothing to do with them getting sick.

Doctors have said that viruses are in the air around us all the time.  Our immune system keeps us from getting sick.  But when our system is weakened by stress, the virus wins and we get sick.

Many times I have been around people sick with something contagious, and I did not get sick.  Other times, when I am stressed about something, I get sick, and I have not been around anyone who could infect me.

This has happened too many times to be a coincidence.  I get sick when I am stressed about something.  My sickness has nothing to do with the people around me.

After I die, I will be outside the Gates of Hell . . .

“Sorry,” says Satan, “you can’t come in here.  You haven’t been vaccinated.”

I protest, “But this is a place of eternal damnation and suffering.  What difference does it make whether I am vaccinated?”

And Satan says, “We want everyone to feel safe.”

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