Vaccinated Only

As of September 22nd, in Ontario, only vaccinated people can attend funerals.  Does this include the deceased? 

“I am sorry, Mr. Smith, but you cannot be at your funeral.  You’re not vaccinated.”

“But it is my funeral!  I have to be there.  How can I not be there?

“Sorry, but the government passed the law to ensure the safety of Death, the undertakers, and the people attending your funeral.  You cannot be there.  And if you try to attend, then you will be arrested.”

Poor Mr. Smith.  He is emotionally scarred for Eternity because he could not attend his funeral.


What if a person dies after getting the vaccine?  What if it is proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was the vaccine that killed this person?  Only the vaccinated can attend this person’s funeral.

And the sanity continues . . .

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