Why is it that the countries with the most people vaccinated have the highest outbreaks of COVID-19?  Gibraltar claims 100% of its population is vaccinated.  There has been a 2500% increase in COVID-19 cases.  Israel and the U.K. have similar results.  The more people are vaccinated, the more COVID-19 cases.  It appears that the vaccinated are spreading the virus.







On this side of The Pond, the medical experts say, “This only way we are going to stop this virus is to vaccinate everyone.”  Vaccinating everyone did not stop the spread of the virus in Gibraltar, Israel, and the U.K.   Why?


The Authorities want the world vaccinated even if they have to kill to do it.

Annette Lewis, 56, is on the list waiting for a lung transplant.  She will die if she does not have a transplant.  The University of Alberta Hospital told her that they would remove her from the transplant list if she did not take the COVID-19 vaccine.  The Hospital is aware that Lewis will die if they take her name off the list.

Essentially The Authorities are saying, “Let us kill her because she will not take our life-saving vaccine.”



Why is it so important to have everyone vaccinated with a vaccine that does not stop the spread of the virus?

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