A Miracle Cure


Is there a miracle cure?

Does this miracle cure alleviate symptoms when it does not cure the illness?

The miracle cure?
Earthing or grounding by direct contact with the Earth.  (barefoot in the grass)

Clint Ober is the author of Earthing.  Years ago, he accidentally discovered Earthing and its benefits.  He had trouble having people take him seriously.  Eventually, they did.

I have been Earthing for several months.  Immediately I noticed a reduction of some joint pain.  I thought this pain resulted from aging and would be with me for the rest of my life.  The pain soon disappeared.  Also, I was a deep sleeper before Earthing, and now I am an even deeper sleeper after Earthing.

You can buy an Earthing mat.  I made one with cardboard, aluminum foil, and an altered extension cord.  I sleep on it, but also use it on days the weather does not allow me to go outside.

It is such a simple miracle cure.  Perhaps that is why a lot of people do not take it seriously.

I tried telling a friend who complains about chronic joint pain.

“Don’t give any of that New Age crap!” he said.

“But,” I said, “you can get rid of your joint pain simply by sitting in your backyard with your bare feet on the grass.”

“Don’t be stupid!  If the pain gets worse, then I’ll go to the doctor and get some pills.”

Other people have not given me such a strong reaction, but they do not try Earthing and continue to complain about their pain.

You know the old saying, You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it do algebra.



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