A Wee Conspiracy Theory


Methinks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had a minority government, would not call an election unless he knew he would win a majority.

Prime Minister Trudeau hobnobs with The Puppet Masters.  He is one of their loyal puppets.  During one of his hobnobs, he said, “Masters, I can better carry out your agenda if I had a majority government.”

“Okay, Justin,” said one of The Puppet Masters, “we’ll look after it.”

And so, during the campaign, The-Puppet-Master-controlled media comes out with polls showing a close race between the parties.  And the pollsters predict a “Liberal Minority” or a “Conservative Minority.”  And there are political debates.  And it makes it seem as if we live in a democracy.  But it is all a show for our benefit.  The Puppet Masters already decided that it would be a Liberal Majority.


“If voting made a difference, they would not let us do it.”
(Source Unknown – Attributed to Mark Twain)


Your eyes are rolling as you think, “He’s a stupid conspiracy theorist.”  That is what The Puppet Masters want you to think.  Do not listen to what the person is saying or look at the evidence he or she presents.  Just dismiss the person as “a stupid conspiracy theorist” and believe what The Puppet Masters want you to believe.  Do not question the official narrative.  Obey.

My prediction of a Liberal Majority is speculation.  I have no evidence to support it—at least not yet.  Let us see whether any reports of election fraud surface, and how quickly they are denied or ignored.

Now, if you will excuse me, my tinfoil hat is ready to be picked up.  I took it in to have it demagnetized.  It was full of electromagnetic brain waves from the CIA, who were trying to control me.

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