I Was Wrong

I was wrong.  The Puppet Masters did not give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a majority.

I am puzzled.  Why would Prime Minister Trudeau call an election if there was no guarantee of him getting a majority?  What caused him to think that he was going to get a majority?

Perhaps I was not wrong.  Perhaps The Puppet Masters read yesterday’s blog.  (They always check my blogs to see how much I know about what they are doing.)  After reading yesterday’s blog, they said,  If we give Justin a majority, then the world will know that Gary is onto us.  Being under scrutiny will make it harder for us to manipulate things.
“Let us cancel giving Justin a majority.  That way, the world will think that Gary is just a stupid conspiracy theorist.  Besides, Justin is a good puppet.  He will do what he is told whether or not he has a majority.”

Perhaps this is what happened.  And perhaps my friends are right when they say, “Gary, sometimes you get carried away with your self-centered-conspiracy nonsense.”

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