Day One

September 22nd is Day One of vaccine passports in Ontario.  You cannot go to restaurants, theatres,  and gyms without providing proof that you were vaccinated with a vaccine that does not stop the spread of COVID-19.

The vaccinated, like the unvaccinated, can still get the virus and spread it.  So, what is the purpose of vaccine passports?  The government says that it does not have to lockdown restaurants, theatres, gyms, and other non-essential places by having vaccine passports.

Lockdowns did not work, but that did not stop the government from imposing them several times.  If lockdowns worked, then you would not have to keep imposing them.  And Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, says that there is no proof that vaccine passports work.

How can the vaccine passports work when the vaccines do not work?

I probably ask a stupid question because I am not one of the government’s medical experts.


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