“You Can’t Come In Here”

“Are you fully vaccinated?”

“No, I am Gary Johnston.”

“Okay, smartass, have you had both jabs?”

“You mean for the vaccine that does not work because it does not stop the spread of the virus?”

“Yes.  Have you been vaccinated?”


“Then you can’t come in here.”

“That’s okay.  One of the vaccinated people inside could have the virus and give it to me.”

“Don’t be stupid.”

“Does the vaccine stop people from getting the virus?”

“No, but—“

“So a vaccinated person can still get the virus and spread it?”

“Yes, but—“

“Yes, but I am not so stupid when I suggest that a vaccinated person could give me COVID-19.”


“Yes, WELL.  I want to remain well, so I will not take any vaccines from drug companies who will not accept liability for their product.”


“The drug companies made sure that no one could sue them for any injury or death their vaccines cause.  They put that in the contract they signed with the Canadian government.  ‘Our vaccines are safe,’ said the drug companies, ‘but we assume no liability for them.’  What message does that send when a company refuses to guarantee its product?  And what message did the Canadian government send when it said, ‘The vaccines are are safe, but we set aside 75 million dollars to cover the funerals of Canadians who die from the vaccine.’ ?”

“You’re an anti-vaxxer.”

“Call me whatever you want.  Given the meta-messages from the drug companies and government; given the fact that the vaccines do not protect you from getting the virus, I have two words for anyone telling me to get vaccinated.”

“What two words?”

“The two words have to do with sex and travel.”





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