Dear God . . .


Dear God,

We are sorry to hear about the loss of your all-powerful powers.  Fortunately, Big Pharma stepped up and took over.  It created a vaccine that does not work but protects us from the virus that is killing everyone everywhere.

  We know that the vaccine does not work, but that does not stop us from feeling protected—unless, of course, we are around unvaccinated people.  Not even you, with your all-powerful powers, could protect us from the unvaccinated.

You can retire should you find your all-powerful powers.  We are in good hands with Big Pharma and its medical experts.  They have created drugs that render useless the immune system that you gave us.  We know you went to a lot of trouble to create our immune system, but no one notices or mentions it anymore.  We do not need it with Big Pharma giving us drugs.

If you do not want to retire, then you may want to find another void and create another universe.  Perhaps you may want to create a universe that does not have human beings who think they can write letters to you and tell you what to do.

Good Luck!


Your former worshiper and sometimes unfaithful servant, etc. etc.

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