An Error In Judgment

If COVID-19 were serious, then news stations would not have to fake stories about COVID-19 being serious.

CBC Edmonton’s error in judgment involved a scene in an Alberta Hospital’s ICU with a patient hooked up to a respirator.  The CBC wanted to show “what patients can expect in a hospital ICU during the COVID crisis …”  This part of a quote from the CBC Edmonton’s apology on Twitter.

The CBC did not film the scene in a hospital, and the patient was a mannequin.  The CBC staged the scene in a training facility.

CBC Edmonton used the same footage in a different story about “COVID projections and modeling…” without any clarification.

Public pressure made the CBC admit its error in judgment.  The CBC has since printed a clarification on its website.  Would this clarification have come if the CBC had not been caught?

There are many examples of the media faking news to help spread FEAR.  I cannot be bothered searching the Internet for examples.  Many of these examples have been removed just as a Twitter reference to this CBC story was removed recently.

http://AL on Twitter: “I wonder why @CBCEdmonton would use a … › Metabo_PhD › status


The Puppet Masters will use the media to spin CBC Edmonton’s error in judgment to show that it was not propaganda to spread fear.

The Authorities want a fearful population.  A fearful population does not think or question.  A fearful population will do anything it is told to be safe.  A fearful population accepts The Authorities telling them, “This experimental vaccine will not stop you from getting and spreading COVID-19, but it will stop people from getting and spreading COVID-19 if we vaccinate everyone.”  


Er–uh–sorry, but I forgot that I was terrified.  I understand The Authorities’ statement now that I remember that I am scared.  Writing “Uh?” was just an error in judgment.

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