The Fixers

Shouldn’t someone fix the leak?

We have fixers in our lives, or maybe we are a fixer.  By fixers, I mean the often-overbearing people who muddy our paths with their good intentions.

Fixers want to make the world a better place.  They think that they can do so by fixing people.  There is nothing wrong with that if people ask the fixers for fixing.  But fixers overstep boundaries.  They try to fix people who did not ask for fixing.  After all, fixers know what is best and will sometimes force fixing on people.

A fixer upon seeing Niagara Falls will say, “Oh my God, I need to fix this leak!”

Perhaps the leak needs to be fixed.  Perhaps the leak does not need to be fixed.  Perhaps Mother Nature is doing just fine without the fixer improving her plans.

How do I know about fixers?  I am a recovering fixer.  I would violate boundaries and muddy peoples’ paths with my good intentions.  I knew what was perfect for people.

Over the years, I learned how I was violating boundaries by giving unsolicited help and advice.  I am learning to let things be—except for Niagara Falls.  I am still trying to fix that leak.

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I am Minnie and Chic's son.