It’s A Wonderful Life

Sometimes I wish that an eraser could erase the bad experiences of my life, like mistakes done with a pencil.  And then I think how something good happened because the bad thing happened.  The good thing would never have happened if the bad thing had not happened.

I pooped and peed my pants recently.  I did not plan this.  My bowels, which can be capricious, moved for no reason.  I was walking home and nowhere near a washroom.  My bladder did not want to feel left out.  It emptied so the pee could join the poop at the party in my pants.

At first, the poop and pee felt nice and warm.  It was cold outside.  But that nice and warm feeling soon became icky and cold.  I still had another ten minutes of walking before I got home.

“Where is the eraser?”  I thought.  “I want to make this experience like it never happened.  What good could come out of poop and pee partying in my pants?”

It took a day or two for me to stop wishing I could erase the poop and pee party and be grateful that it had happened.  The poop and pee party in my pants made me see how great it feels to have no poop and pee party in my pants.

How wonderful wearing clean underwear!  Clean underwear does not get nice and warm, but neither does it get icky and cold. Clean underwear feels great, which makes me feel great!  And as well, there is no nasty smell.

Do you not, Dear Reader, feel good right now because no poop and pee are partying in your pants?  Does it not feel wonderful?

I am grateful to my bowels and bladder for helping to increase my awareness.  Wearing clean underwear is now on my list of things for which to be grateful.

Life is wonderful!

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