It’s A Conspiracy!


It’s a conspiracy!  Technology conspires against me.

Last night, the screen cracked when I dropped my cell phone.  The phone still worked, but for how long?

Fortunately, I had a spare phone.  Five years ago, my Acatel Lume A466T smartphone was on sale for half price.  I bought two phones.  I used one phone as a battery charger.

I carried the second fully charged battery and never had to worry about my phone battery going dead.  Now I will use the cracked cell phone as my charger.

I transferred the data from the cracked phone to its Subscriber Identification Module or SIM card.  (The geek who thought up Subscriber Identification Module for a computer chip name must have been in Heaven inventing such a complicated term.)

I followed all the instructions transferring the data to the SIM card, but there was data missing when I put the SIM card in the good phone.  A lot of my Contacts were missing, and the camera did not work.

The sound went on my laptop when I tried watching a YouTube video on how to get the camera working on my phone.  I farted around with my laptop and finally got the sound to work.  I still do not know why the sound stopped working.

So, I watched a YouTube video on how to get the camera to work.  I religiously followed all the instructions from the video.

And then?

And then the camera icon disappeared from my phone.  There was nothing to click on to make the camera work.

I thought, “WTF!”  Of course, WTF! stands for What Technological Fun!

The sound went on my laptop again when I watched a YouTube video about restoring the phone’s camera icon.

Why would technology conspire against me?  It was not to give me a hard time.  Technology thought that there was not enough fun in my life, and that I had nothing better to do except fart around with a cell phone and a sometimes-no-sound laptop.

I stopped farting around to write this blog.  And now back to more technological fun.


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