IE Solves the JFK Assassination

We know who JFK is.  IE stands for Igor Ego.  I blogged about him on October 20th.  I still do not understand how Igor’s big ego fits into the Universe.

On November 22, 1963, the president of the United States was murdered in broad daylight.  The evidence for a conspiracy is overwhelming, but Igor Ego says, “Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and the rest is conspiracy bullshit.”

“Oswald was in police custody all that time,” I said.  “The Dallas Police and the FBI interviewed him, but no one has any notes.  There is no statement or record about what Oswald said while in police custody.”

“So?” said Igor Ego.

“So?  Here’s a guy who allegedly shot the president, and NO ONE wrote down what he said?”

“The police back then weren’t sophisticated.  They did not know about writing down statements from suspects.”

“There was no crime-scene protection.  When ordinary people get killed, the police protect the scene.  The president gets killed.  Not only did the police not protect the scene, but they allowed the presidential limousine to be washed and the blood-stained interior cleaned.”

“I told you before that the police back then were not sophisticated.  They didn’t know about protecting crime scenes.”

“What about the witnesses who said that shots came from the grassy knoll?”

“They’re full of shit.”

“On what facts are you basing your opinions?”

“I don’t base them on anything.  I just know things.”

“How do you know things?”

“I know things because I’ve got common sense.”

So, if you want to know anything about anything, then just ask Igor Ego.  He knows everything about everything because he has common sense.

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