Polyvinyl Acetate

Closeup picture of Polyvinyl Acetate

I love learning new things!

Today I learned about Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA).  I have been using Polyvinyl Acetate my whole life.  I never knew that it was Polyvinyl Acetate.

The chemical formula for Polyvinyl Acetate is C4H6O.  It means that there are four carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms in one molecule of Polyvinyl Acetate.

What is Polyvinyl Acetate?  Can you not tell from the picture?  White Glue.  That’s right, White Glue or Elmer’s Glue.

See?  You, too, have been using Polyvinyl Acetate all your life, and you never knew that it was Polyvinyl Acetate.

I learned about Polyvinyl Acetate while googling drying times for White Glue.  (So you will not lose any sleep, Polyvinyl Acetate sets in 30 minutes, dries in an hour with a complete cure in 24 hours.)

I also learned that you can make a decoupage medium by mixing three parts Polyvinyl Acetate with one part water.

I love saying, “Polyvinyl Acetate.”  I have been walking around all day saying, “Polyvinyl Acetate.  Polyvinyl Acetate.  Polyvinyl Acetate.”

One day I plan to give birth to a baby.  It does not matter whether this baby is male or female.  I will name the baby Polyvinyl Acetate.

I expect Polyvinyl Acetate will resent me for naming him or her Polyvinyl Acetate.  Perhaps he or she will not mind the nickname White Glue.






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