Fifty-Five Years?

Fifty-five years is how long the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it needs to process 329,000 pages of Pfizer documents.  The FDA has to carefully go through the documents and redact any confidential information before releasing them.

The documents contain data from Pfizer that the FDA relied on to approve the Pfizer vaccine.  The release of these documents would settle the debate over the ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine.  Some claim Pfizer has not disclosed all of the ingredients of its vaccine.  The documents’ release would also show whether the Pfizer data was accurate.

The group of scientists and professors who want the documents released call themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.  They filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  The FDA is willing to release the documents at 500 pages per month.  The FDA claims this is the best they can do given their staff and budget restrictions.  It will take until 2076 to process all 329,000 pages.

On December 14th, a federal judge will rule over the time frame of the document’s release.

If the FDA gets its way, then who will be around in 2076?  Who will be around to see whether the data Pfizer gave the FDA was legitimate?  Who will be around to see that all of the ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine were safe?

I will not be around in 2076.  I don’t know when, but one day between now and 2076, I will leave the planet to become a musician.  In 2076, I will be decomposing.

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