Snow Day

The front yard of Piazza Palace

The first snowstorm of the season happened today in Toronto.  The weather people said that it would snow during the wee hours of Sunday morning, and stop snowing during the not-so wee hours of Sunday morning.  But it kept snowing and snowing and snowing.

Would the weather people’s forecasts improve if near their weather computers they installed a window?


Snow would be easier to shovel the snowflakes social-distanced.


“What’s the difference between a vaccinated snowflake and an unvaccinated snowflake?”
“No difference.  Both can still get and spread COLDVID-19.”


 I am not fond of the winter and snow, but I had to admit that the front yard of Piazza Palace looked pretty wearing its snow makeup.  I hope that Mother Nature applies the snow makeup only once before the spring, and today was that once.

One thing bothered me while I was shoveling the snow.  I would have felt safer doing so if the snowflakes wore masks.

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