Felix Fuzzlewart, President of The International Moron Society


Moronic is an anagram for Omicron.  That says it all.  But I will say more because I am full of words and other stuff.

On November 24th, South Africa asked Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer to delay delivering vaccines.  South Africa had too much stock, and vaccine hesitancy had slowed their inoculation campaign.

On November 26th, humanity is on the verge of extinction by Omicron, a variant of COVID-19.  That is the way the media carried on.  We are all going to die from Omicron.  The World Health Organization said Omicron originated in South Africa.



On November 26th, I heard a talk-show host and the callers frantically go on about how Omicron was the unvaccinateds’ fault.  It is the unvaccinated who are putting everyone’s lives at risk.  The only way to stop COVID-19 from spreading is to “vaccinate the world.”

Vaccinating the world will stop COVID-19?  Vaccinating the world with a vaccine that does not stop the spread of COVID-19 will stop the spread of COVID-19?

This is the same reasoning that caused the German Authorities to say, “Those seeking assisted suicide must be vaccinated.”


Back to Moronic—er—I mean Omicron.

So the talk-show host went on and on about how the unvaccinated were going to kill everyone.

Well!  Well!  Well!  What are the facts?  The facts are that the four people who tested positive for Omicron were vaccinated.


I said that the four people who tested positive for Omicron were vaccinated.

“I don’t believe it!  You’re just a stupid conspiracy theorist.  Why do you have to question everything?  Why can’t you just go along?”

Why don’t I go along?  I don’t like Kool-Aid.

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