Somebody Is Lying


The Puppet Masters know that vaccines can be harmful.  Why else would Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, et al. get immunity from civil suits stemming from vaccine injuries and deaths?  The drug companies made sure the contracts they signed, with the Canadian government, had clauses granting them immunity.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set up the Vaccine Injury Support Program.  Canadian taxpayers pay for the mistakes made by the drug companies.

Hey Pfizer!  Hey Johnson & Johnson!  Hey Big Pharma!

If your vaccines are safe, why push liability for your “safe” vaccines onto Canadian taxpayers?  Why don’t you take responsibility for your “safe” vaccines?


The Puppet Masters are crafty.  They know that two serious side effects of the vaccines are heart problems and blood clots.


Now The Puppet Masters, through their puppet politicians and controlled media, are saying that heart problems and blood clots are symptoms of Omicron.


Somebody is lying.  Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a South African doctor who discovered Omicron, said that the symptoms of Omicron were mild and could be treated at home.

 She said, “The most predominant clinical complaint is severe fatigue for one or two days. With them, the headache and the body aches and pain.”

The puppet politicians and the controlled media report about Omicron as if it is about to wipe humanity off the planet—unless, of course, humanity gets vaccinated with the vaccines that don’t work.  The politicians and media do not report that vaccinated people are getting Omicron.

Dr. Coetsee says that Omicron is not serious.  The politicians and media say that it is serious.  Someone is lying.

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