No Words


No words would come.  Why?  Were they afraid of the blank page?   Were the words vaccinated and the blank page vaccine-free?

Vaccine-free is a term a radio host suggested to replace unvaccinated.  The radio host said that unvaccinated is negative and suggests lacking something.  Vaccine-free is positive and implies freedom and health.

I am vaccine-free.  I will not mess with the immune system that God gave me.  It does not need help from Big Pharma.  It does need germs to keep getting stronger.  A constant sterile environment will weaken it.


And what is wrong with getting sick?  Sickness is your body’s way of communicating.  You can listen to your body and explore the cause of the sickness.  This way, you may prevent the illness from happening again.  Or you can take a pill and not try to discover the reason for the sickness.

Big Pharma likes people taking pills.  Big Pharma’s profits rely on people taking pills whether or not they are sick.  There is no profit, for Big Pharma, having vaccine-free people with healthy immune systems.

Well, would you look at that!  Some words came.  I struggled for hours trying to write something, and no words would come.  The instant I wrote about how no words would come, then words came.  I must remember this the next time I am blocked.

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