These Are Terrible Times . . .


These are terrible times for
people with IQs above 90.

I love that quote!  I saw it on William Gensburger’s Twitter feed. (@MisterWriter).  Anyone with a brain and a half-decent memory has to see the fraud going on with COVID-19.  This virus is not as bad as what The Authorities are saying.  Your IQ drops below 90 when you do not question what The Authorities say and obey them because you accept the fear generated by the media.

One of the indications to investigators that a suspect is lying is the suspect constantly changing his or her story.  How many times have The Authorities changed their stories?


“Don’t bother wearing masks.  They don’t do anything, and we need them for our first responders.”
“Wear a mask to help stop the spread of the virus.  A mask is a must.”

“You won’t have to wear masks once you get the vaccine.”
“Wear a mask after you get the vaccine.  You will need two jabs to be fully vaxxed and fully protected.”

“You are fully protected now that you are double vaxxed.”
“The vaccine wears off, and you will need a third booster shot to be fully protected.  Plus, you still need to wear a mask.”


Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri has been double vaxxed AND received the booster.  He tested positive for COVID-19.  So much for being fully protected.

The Authorities never said that there would be more than one vaccine shot.  They are talking about a fourth booster shot with no plans for people to stop wearing masks, stop social distancing, and stop other COVID restrictions.

The more people are vaccinated, the more COVID case counts increase.

These are terrible times for people with IQs above 90.

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