Thoughts On Polyvinyl Acetate

Polyvinyl Acetate or White Glue

(The following has nothing to do with white glue.  The title is a decoy.  Vaccine or COVID appearing in a Facebook or Twitter post causes censorship.  If the post is not taken down, then algorithms determine who sees a post or whether anyone sees it at all.)

Double vaxxed and boostered people are still getting COVID.  Yet The Authorities say that the only way to protect yourself from COVID is to get double vaxxed and boostered.

Uh?  Am I missing something?


Data shows that the COVID case count rises when more people get vaccinated.  More vaxxed, more cases of COVID.

The Province of Ontario vaccinated a lot of people.  The Province of Ontario is seeing a surge in COVID cases.  Duh?

The Ontario government has introduced more COVID restrictions to stop the surge.  These are the same COVID restrictions they introduced before, and before that, and before that that.  Maybe the restrictions will work this time.

Hey Government of Ontario, I have a suggestion:
Stop vaccinating people with a vaccine that does not work, and see whether that stops the surging COVID case count.


Overheard at a gathering of Puppet Masters:

“Look how we can control them!  A little fear goes a long way.”

“Yes, we gotta keep the media blasting fear, fear, and still more fear.  And our puppets are doing a great job pushing our agenda.”

“All of our puppets except Ron DeSantis.”

“Yeah, what are we going to do about him?”

“We’ll let him have his fun for now as he carries on thinking that he controls things.  And then a lone gunman?  Assisted suicide?  An accident?  We haven’t decided what we will use to get rid of him.”

“You’d think that how we dealt with JFK would keep our puppets in line.”

“DeSantis has a poor memory.”


“How do you violate Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter’s Community Guidelines?”
“You post the truth.”


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