To All My Friends Onshore

Drifting  Drifting
I ended the year by drifting.

Was it Good News?
Was it Bad News?
It depends upon your points of views.

The news caused me
to let go of the steering wheel
and allow the wind and waves
to take me wherever.

Do I care?
I must care a little,
or I would not be sending this
to all my friends onshore.

I started the new year by drifting.

At some point,
things may change.

At some point,
I will have a reason
to grab my ship’s steering wheel
to steer towards a destination.

Until then?
I surrender to
the wind and waves.

Until then?
I am
Drifting  Drifting.


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About the Author

I am Minnie and Chic's son.