The Final Voyage of Numbers One and Two?

Numbers One and Two are the married woman I blogged about on December 19th, 2021.  Both are unhappily married and want a relationship with me.  I have said, “No,” but they continued to call me and send me texts, emails, and messages until December 19th.  After reading my blog, both stopped contacting me.

I knew that they were angry about my blog.  Two women at a social function get angry when they see each other wearing the same dress.  Here were two women, who did not know each other, learning that they were pursuing the same man for the same reason and saying many of the same things to him.  Ouch!

No phone calls, texts, messages, or emails from Numbers One and Two after December 19th.  Wonderful!  But how long would the peace last?

I repeat, they do not know each other.  On January 2nd, both sent the same message wishing me a Happy New Year.  They sent their messages within an hour of each other.  Unbelievable!

I let both of them know that they had sent me the same message.  They let me know how angry they were over me making fun of them in my blog.  They said that I was cruel.

I never intended to be cruel.  I used humor to express my frustration with two married women who refused to leave me alone.

By the way, I am not a saint because I did not want to commit adultery.  Both of their husbands have access to guns.

The result of our back-and-forth messages, on January 2nd and 3rd, was that Numbers One and Two dumped me.

Really?  Was this their final voyage?  Will they no longer ambush me with phone calls, emails, texts, and messages?  Have they given up wanting a relationship with me?

Stay tuned.

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