Here We Go Again!


Oh boy, another lockdown!  As of 12:01, Wednesday July 5th, the Province of Ontario went into a lockdown.  This lockdown is supposed to end on January 26th, but I hope it lasts longer.

I remember hearing an expert say, “Once we have the vaccine, we won’t have to wear masks, social distance, or worry about lockdowns.”  I am glad this expert was wrong.

The people who got vaccinated to go to restaurants, theatres, and gyms are not happy about this latest lockdown.  No longer can they go to these places to give each other COVID.  They will have to go somewhere else to spread the virus.

It’s okay that the vaccines don’t work, and the lockdowns don’t work.  Neither do I.  All power to the government to keep doing things that don’t work!


Happy Lockdown!

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