Oh, The Irony!

Just over a month ago, I was invited to a social function.  And then I was uninvited because I was vaccine-free.

(I prefer vaccine-free to unvaccinated.  I like the freedom that vaccine-free suggests.  I heard radio host Richard Syrett use vaccine-free.  He said that he saw it on Twitter.)

Several other vaccine-free people were invited and then uninvited.  It was a vaccinated-only function.

I am not upset over being uninvited to a vaccinated-only function.  I prefer not to be around vaccinated people who live with mortal fear of catching COVID.  They cannot blame me if they catch COVID.  I was not there.  And the chances of them getting COVID are high because they are vaccinated.  The more people you vaccinate, the higher the cases of COVID.

It is not a pandemic of the vaccine-free.  It is a pandemic of the vaccinated.  Why else would the Ontario government close places where only the vaccinated were allowed?

I would never wish illness on anyone.  But how ironic that the hosts of the vaccine-only function, and some other vaccinated people who attended, got COVID.  Oh, the irony!  And the wrinkles, too.



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