“You people are selfish!  You’re putting everyone’s lives in danger by not getting vaccinated!”

“But the data shows that the more people vaccinated in an area, the higher the cases of COVID.”

“That’s just your opinion.”

“It is not just my opinion.  The more you vaccinate, the more cases of COVID.”

“Where are you getting this?”

“From various independent journalists and articles on the Internet.”

“Well, you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.”

“But it is okay to believe everything you see on TV.”

“TV is not fake news and misinformation.”


“Yes, so go get vaccinated and stop putting lives in danger.  The only way to stop this pandemic is to vaccinate everyone.”

“But if the vaccines do not work by stopping the spread of COVID, then how will vaccinating everyone stop the spread of COVID?”

“Because it will stop spreading once everyone is vaccinated.”


Is there something in the vaccines that stops people from THINKING?


Just my opinion?






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